Find Your Home - North Suburban Homes for Sale

Steps to Buying Your Dream Home.

Meet with your Real Estate Agent to discuss your situation and timelines.

Get Pre-Approved

         Collect Your financial information (Pay stubs, Tax Returns, Bank Statements)

         Meet with a lender/mortgage consultant to get the process going and determine your budget.  

                  I always recommend getting a second opinion.  It pays to shop for mortgage rates.  I have referrals.

          Review Good Faith Estimates (GFE's) and decide who to work with.

Refine Your Search

          With budget in mind, figure out all of your housing requirements

                    Bedrooms, bathrooms, Yard, Garage, School District

          Your agent will help you perfect your search on the Edina Realty web site.

          Share your favorites with your real estate agent.

View Properties

          Once you have focused your search and identified some favorites, it is time to schedule the showings.

Find the One

Be ready to write an offer.  

What to look for:  Neighborhood upkeep, Condition of the Roof and Exterior, 

                            Condition of the Basement, Driveway, yard and sidewalks

                            Mechanicals, Electrical and Plumbing

                            Don't get hung up on paint colors and cosmetics that can be easily changed.                       

Make an Offer

        What to Include in the Purchase Agreement.

                            Price; Closing Date; Special Assessments and Taxes

                            Personal Property; Financing; Inspection Contingency, 

                            Disclosures, Closing Costs, Arbitration, Addendums




         Counter Offer!

The Home Inspection

          Paid for by the Buyer

          Terms and Timelines defined in the Purchase Offer

          Home Warranty

          Accept findings or negotiate repairs

The Closing