Find Your Home - North Suburban Homes for Sale

Ready to Sell

      Put dollars to repairs needed for selling condition.
      Hire a licensed Realtor.

      Ask your Realtor to provide you with market research.

      Inspect your home as a prospective buyer.
     Tour a home in selling condition.

Stick to a Budget
     List cosmetic repairs you’d like to make and review your budget.
     List mechanical repairs to be made and estimate costs.
     Be ready to pay:
        -A real estate agent’s commission (6-7 percent of sale price).
        -Prorated property taxes based on closing date.
        -Transfer taxes.
        -Mortgage payoff penalties.
        -For a home inspection
        -Staging and marketing expenses.
        -Moving expenses.
        -A percentage of closing costs.
        -A new cost of living/mortgage.
        -Capital gains tax.

Make a Plan
    Set a time frame for selling.
    Peak home buying seasons are spring and fall.
    Ask your Realtor about the Marketing Plan and listing services. (MSL).

Set a Price

    Compare info with comparable homes currently on the market.
    Be aware of how long homes are staying on the market.

    Make sure the area’s average cost per square foot is in line with yours.
    Know what homes in your area are up for sale.

     Determine your pricing strategy.

Clean, Clean, Clean!
    Mop floors.
    Dust everything.
    Steam clean carpets - don’t forget drapes.
    Clean tile in kitchens and bathrooms.
    Organize closets and drawers.
    Empty the garage.
    Clean kitchen and laundry room appliances.
    Clear countertops of appliances.
    Replace calking in kitchens and bathrooms.
    Rid sinks, toilets and bathtubs of stains.

Eliminate Clutter

       Store family photos and personal knick-knacks.

    Organize drawers, cabinets, and closets.

    Lock up valuables and important documents, as well as prescriptions.

   Remove bulky furniture.

Set the Stage
    Update light switches and fixtures.
    Rearrange furniture to show off the room’s best features.
    Place flowers throughout the home.
    Add fresh linens to bathrooms.

Create Curb Appeal
    Sweep driveway, walkways and pa9o.
    Plant colorful flowers.
    Paint trim, shutters and door.
    Power wash the home’s exterior including windows.
    Fix cracks in the driveway and sidewalk.    

    Make roof repairs.
    Free gutters of debris.
    Mow the lawn and trim shrubs and trees.

Show Off
    Keep the home ready for showing.
    Your agent will hold a broker-only open house.
    Work with your agent to have the best Open Houses possible.
    Be prepared for showings - often on short notice.

Review Offers with your Agent
    Remain calm and in control, no matter what the offer.
    Keep track of all offers.

Counter and Negotiate
    If you don’t want to lower your price much, try:
        Offering to pay to lower the buyer’s interest rate.
        Saying no to contingencies like selling a home.
        Offering to pay some closing costs.
        Offering to prepay taxes.
        Including furniture or other items of interest to buyers.
        Offering to pay for some repairs.

Make Escrow Easy
    Prepare your home for appraisals and home inspections.
    Choose an escrow officer to:
        Order a Title search.
        Hold and disburse funds.
        Request payoff information for your mortgage and liens on the home.
        Prepare and record documents.
        Prepare closing statements.

     Do a final walk-through inspection.
    Sign closing documents and move out.
    Organize documents for tax purposes.